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Summary of guide

≡ 8 lessons to learn the basics of astrology.

8 lessons, 165 pages to train with exercises, educational boards and methodological blank sheets to help with practical work.

≡ Summary

Ø History of astrology.

Ø Lesson N°1

Ø Lesson N°2

Ø Lesson N°3

Ø Lesson N°4

Ø Lesson N°5

Ø Lesson N°6

Ø Lesson N°7

Ø Lesson N°8

Ø Conclusion

teaching guide
Mise en page

≡ A hierarchical layout for quick understanding of content.

spiral bound

≡ Spiral bound for easy access to methodological photocopy sheets.


≡ Boards in color or B&W to synthesize a course or help methodology.